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The Table Ate My Dinner

My thoughts after reading Gerber et al (2012) situations like that may not be science fiction for ever.  Inspired by natural living surfaces, such as bark or our own skin, the authors set out to create a functional living material that was … Continue reading

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Dino-soars: Reptiles with feathers

Dinosaurs have long captured our hearts and our curiosity.  From our first field trips to museums where their fossilized skeletons towered over us, it was difficult not imaging what they looked like and how they lived.  How many species were there?  What did they eat?  Did they … Continue reading

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Limited or Lazy: Materials and Methods are Lacking Methods.

Imagine asking a friend for a recipe to their homemade chocolate cake and getting one of the following two responses: First: Collect the material, mix with a KitchenAid Stand Mixer (Model KSM150PSOB) for 65 seconds with a whisk attachment, and bake using a GE wall oven (Model PK916SRSS) using … Continue reading

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Hey Hey We’re All Monkeys

(a familiar tune) Despite the recent advances in sequencing, bioinformatics, and phylogenetics there has been a lack of understanding and agreement about primate phylogeny. As a primate I find this wholly unacceptable. I should preface this discussion by saying I … Continue reading

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