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QOD: An alternative approach to multiple genome comparison

Mancheron et al. are attempting to re-work our current methods of genome comparison with their new program, QOD. The problems addressed by comparative genomics are annotating genes, inferring homology or orthology, and to reveal syntenic regions and rearrangement events; basically, … Continue reading

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Limited or Lazy: Materials and Methods are Lacking Methods.

Imagine asking a friend for a recipe to their homemade chocolate cake and getting one of the following two responses: First: Collect the material, mix with a KitchenAid Stand Mixer (Model KSM150PSOB) for 65 seconds with a whisk attachment, and bake using a GE wall oven (Model PK916SRSS) using … Continue reading

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It Survived a Freeze, but can Ascophyllum nodosum take the Heat?

Ascophyllum nodosum is a fucoid intertidal seaweed found along North Atlantic coastlines. Its northerly range extends from Arctic Canada, Norway, Greenland, and Iceland down to Portugal and Long Island where it has an abrupt southern limit at the 42° N … Continue reading

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